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Reading to improve the depth of the business advice passed on to clients is an important, and enjoyable part of specialisation. Reading constantly to improve our wisdom (when maybe you don't have the time) is another dimension that third parties can bring to your discussion table...


"Big Data in Practice" by Bernard Marr

"How Companies Win" by Rick Kash and David Calhoun

"The Innovator's Solution" by Clayton Christenson and Michael Raynor

"The Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufman

A good state Government resource re: strategic marketing:



(Remember, experience in your industry isn't a pre-requisite for effective insights. Its often the experience a consultant brings from other industries and business models that can add value)

Housing and Construction market 2017

Microalgae Agriculture market 2017

Project Management Cloud Based Systems (2017)

Marine Tourism (2017)

Mining Industry Optimisation Technologies (2017)

Aftermarket spare parts, earthmoving industry (2015-2016)

Education Market, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, South Africa (2016)

Expert Opinion Services in Litigation, NSW (2016)

The Commercial and Housing Construction Market (Nov 2016)

Financial Planning Platforms and Industry Environment (2016-2017)

Building Management Systems and Machine Learning (Jan 2017)

Remote Data Collection via Internet of Things (Jan 2017)

The Aquaculture Industry (2016-2017)

Chinese education tourism (2016-2017) 

Online aggregation of services for provision of lessons to children (2017)

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