Work samples



Prospera have a functi􀀕onally far superior product than anything else in the market, but found many customers, aft􀀡er showing initial interest, did not follow through to fully implement to the stage where they were reaping the expected benefits. A tailored market and customer research project was undertaken to unlock the attributes of the "ideal" customer - those who were fully implementing the platform; with transformative results. The very strong messages around benefits were derived from actual customer interviews. 



UNSW Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of UNSW, had for 30 years delivered a premium, annual, international benchmarking assessment for schools, years 2-12: "ICAS". The product was declining and a research project was invoked to find out why, and develop a strategy for success. This project was executed with 2 colleagues and a team of creative contractors when I was working with the 9Strategic consultancy. Research was conducted across 5 countries. The global rollout plan was delivered via international sales conferences in Istanbul and Sydney, and commenced distribution through Macmillan Education in November 2016. The fold-out A3 poster at left was given to the Macmillan Education global sales team as a guide to the 50 or so pieces of collateral created for their use, referenced in a 30 page Marketing Manual that laid out the brand rationale, position, key messages and recommended sales strategies. The product repositioning resulted in 3% sales growth in the Australian market at the time of completion of the project, prior to global rollout kick off. 



Ranbury were undergoing a business repositioning and their website was the cornerstone of the communications strategy. With 25 separate case studies to be written it was a relatively large informational site. Working via the 9Strategic consultancy I was contracted to project manage the site development. This work included copy writing for the website, staff photography shoots, coordination of testimonials and a combined team that included Ranbury staff, suppliers (Jack Harlem photography and Digital Thing website development) and marketing team members on the 9Strategic side. The client was a joy to work with - very organised, exacting and fully committed to the project, which was an important milestone for the Ranbury team. 



To support the Tasmanian Disability Workforce Strategy and Action Plan, NDS Tas required the development of a workforce attraction market strategy. In order to devise an appropriate approach to market, third party research was required.


The findings highlighted the requirement for a sector workforce brand that would need to be supported by all of the member organisations. This was going to be quite a challenge because these members were in competition with each other for the best staff and client outcomes. Therefore a highly compelling approach (creative devised by Hiller Creative in Tasmania) needed to be developed that would tempt the member organisations to get on board to support it, despite rivalries and a need for differentiation. I worked in partnership with Hiller Creative to devise and execute the research, and deliver the findings and recommended strategy to the board of NDS Tasmania.  

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