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I help my clients discover business strengths that are hidden in plain sight 

Most businesses get lost in the every day. It can take an outsider, experienced with lots of other businesses, to achieve actionable clarity. 

When you know how to reach out to the right customers, with the right offer, at the precise moment they are thinking about a product or service like yours; you will have achieved "marketing nirvana": a highly efficient, high-return operation, at the lowest possible cost. 


When you locate that elusive “slipstream” in which your goods and services are exchanged with appreciative customers who sing your praises, you create a perfect "loop" whereby customers become your advocates and the need to "apply" marketing becomes almost superfluous. 


There are predictable and proven ways to drive growth. Experienced practitioners spend every week advising businesses just like yours and they are all asking themselves the same question: How can I position for success? 


My expertise, gained over many years of working with businesses like yours, is about knowing how to do that, using tried and road-tested methodologies. 

I work with a team and I also run a strategic marketing think tank on social media that includes some of the best strategic marketing brains in Australia, even if they are employed elsewhere. So, when any of my clients need a second opinion, the marketing "brains trust" is on tap!

Not sure how to engage with a marketing consultant? You're not alone! Click here to download a guide.


Helen Morgan​​
  • 10 years' marketing management experience

  • 7 years' executive management across customer-facing functions (sales, customer service, marketing) with revenue responsibility to $70m

  • 6+ years' consulting experience, working with business owners and CEO/MDs.

  • 10 years' advertising industry experience (creative and campaign strategy)

  • Entrepreneur - 3 personal business ventures, 1 achieved $5m in VC capital

Helen is an SME, startup and turnaround specialist, but this passion is backed by extensive experience delivering marketing projects to rigorous process and KPI standards for larger organisations, including:
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